About Us

“We help transform your Information Technology (IT) and reengineer your Business Process Workflows to make them an enabler for your business growth”

We, at Kasper Consulting, are a group of professionals who offer our expertise to you from our real-life experiences of working as CIOs, CTOs, , COOs, Function Heads, etc. in companies such as yours.  We do Information Technology (IT) Consulting and Business Process Consulting.  We go a step beyond Consulting and also focus on Execution Management to ensure successful implementation of the projects end-to-end across your organization.  This way, the benefits of our advisory consulting get derived to you and you get to see real results.

Our consultants have worked for companies, such as Citibank, NA, Samba Financial Group, Max New York Life Insurance, GE Capital, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, Metlife, Godfrey Phillips, Hero Honda Motors, Indian Oil Corporation, Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd, Tata Consulting Services, Infosys, etc.

Our company was started in 2009.  In this period, we are proud of having helped several of our clients transform their Operations and IT to make it an enabler for their company’s growth.  As examples, we prepared the Operations and IT strategy for Religare Finvest Ltd (a financial services company).  We also helped Religare evaluate and select their Loan Management System.  For Hamdard (a FMCG company), we did the evaluation and selection for the automation of the secondary sales function – including helping them with the Commercial and Contractual negotiations with the selected vendor – and then did the Program Management to deploy the secondary sales system at over 150 point of sale locations across the country.   For ILBS (a hospital), we helped strategize the Healthcare IT applications (HIS, EMR/EHR, PACS, Telemedicine, BI, ERP, mobile apps and internet apps), prepared the “to-be” Process Workflows for all the processes of the hospital, prepared the business requirements documents for all the functional areas of the hospital and prepared the RFP Tender document for inviting proposals for the IT Applications.  For MetLife (a insurance company), we helped prepare the International IT Strategy Blueprint and the e-Servicing Strategy document for their UK & Europe region.  The list goes on. [su_permalink id=”1149″][/su_permalink]>>

Our success is apparent from the repeat business that we have got from our clients and the testimonials from them.  [su_permalink id=”1097″][/su_permalink]>>

We have experience in reviewing operational processes looking for opportunities for business process improvements and cost reductions – and recommending the steps to be taken.  Our team has prepared the “to-be” business process maps for several clients – and driven the change & implementation of the new business processes.

We have several years of experience in implementing large projects, in doing Program/Project Management and driving projects end-to-end across client organizations.  We will coordinate with the various stakeholders to ensure timely implementation, within budget and at the same time meeting the quality parameters.

We have extensive expertise in Change Management, Process Workflows Reengineering, Business Analysis and implementation of large systems – and have successfully helped several of our clients transform their Operations and IT to make it an enabler for their company’s growth.

We will understand your business needs – we will leverage your existing assets – and accordingly our recommendations will be based on “best of need” instead of “best of breed”. We will be accountable for your success – and therefore will not just make our recommendations but will also work with you for a successful implementation end-to-end across your organization.

We are a product & vendor neutral firm – that is, we do not sell any software or hardware nor provide software development services or BPO services.   This allows us to have your best interest in mind without any conflict of interest.

What we do not do

  • We do not sell hardware
  • We do not sell software
  • We do not do application software development
  • We do not provide telecom and data center infrastructure

What we do then?

  • While we do not sell hardware or software, our experienced professionals can help evaluate and recommend the hardware/software for you based upon your business needs and even help you with the commercial negotiations with the vendors.
  • While we do not do application software development, we can evaluate and recommend the application development company best for your needs – and even help you negotiate turnkey or T&M contracts. Moreover, we can manage your projects for successful implementation using these resources.
  • While we do not provide telecom and data center infrastructure, we can evaluate your infrastructure and give a recommendation based upon your business model and your existing assets.  We can help define the service level agreements (SLAs) with your vendors for effective operations.