We are a group of professionals who offer our expertise to you from our real-life experiences of working as CIOs, CTOs, Function Heads, etc. We do Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Consulting. We go a step further and also focus on Execution Management to ensure successful implementation of projects end-to-end across your organization so that the benefits of our advisory consulting get derived to you.

Some examples of our Advisory Consulting services to better explain what we do.
  1. We can prepare the IT Strategy Blueprint and Roadmap of your company - so that your IT becomes an enabler of your business growth.
  2. If you are looking for an IT solution - and do not know which one to go for as all vendors claim that their solution is the best - we can help you do an evaluation of the IT solutions to select the right one for your company. We will also help you with the commercial and contractual negotiations with the selected vendor as we have years of experience.
  3. We can help you reengineer your business process workflows and prepare the "to-be" process workflows - so that your company can improve its operational efficiency and reduce costs.
  4. If one of your projects is not going well, we can do an assessment of your project to identify the gaps and the solutions that need to be implemented to bring it back on track.
And some examples of Execution Management services to better explain what we do.
  1. We can prepare the Business Requirements Document for an IT application that you are looking for.
  2. We can help you implement the IT Strategy Blueprint in your company.
  3. We can do the Project Management to implement and deploy an IT application in your company.

So as you can see, we do essentially what we have learnt from our real-life experiences of working as CIO, CTOs, Function Heads, etc.

We are a Product Neutral Company.

One more thing - we are a product & vendor neutral firm – that is, we do not sell any software or hardware nor provide bespoke software development services. This allows us to have your best interest in mind without any conflict of interest.

Our Success.

We are proud of the projects that we have successfully executed across industries, such as Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Agri-Business & Commodity Trading, FMCG, etc.

Our success is apparent from the repeat business that we have got from our clients and the testimonials from them.